Free Valuation Webinar Title: Practitioner Insights: Assessing the Competitive Edge, Date: Friday, January 27, 2017 Time: 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

The survivorship of public companies has been declining over the last ten years. Fast paced technology and globalization, two faces of the same coin, have increased the demand for a competitive strategy that can keep companies from fading away. Is there a scientific approach to identify companies with a significant return on capital that is well above their cost of capital? Along with modeling insights, this seminar will offer practitioner insights into screening for competitively superior companies. Join a live webinar session from leading practitioners to learn about current and best practices in valuation. This is the second in a series of over ten webinars. This seminar will offer insights into screening for companies that have a superior competitive advantage. Practitioners will not only provide an analytic framework but they will also discuss examples of companies from India and the region that have cultivated a sound competitive edge.

For registration and details, check the link here:


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