Annual Forecast Survey – Indian Association of Investment Professionals

Dear All,

As you might be aware, the Annual #ForecastSurvey & Event is a Global Investment affair. Every year, Societies around the world survey their Members, #Investment Professionals and Finance Communities and invite experts to share their views and outlook on Financial, Economic, Fiscal, or Monetary topics. These forecasts are watched keenly by the industry and media as an indication of what experts think about the prospects of the economy.

Annual Forecast Event is a Marquee Event of IAIP i.e. India CFA Society. Your contributions as a part of #Investment industry are very important and valuable to build #IAIPconsensus estimates for the next financial year.

As an Investment Professional, it would be greatly appreciated if your views are included and recorded in this Survey. (

I would request you to spare a few minutes, hit the link mentioned in this email and participate in the survey. It is an enjoyable exercise as a lot of time, effort and energy goes in to ensure that the questions are relevant, interesting and thought provoking.

The survey results would be unveiled on April 1, 2016 at the Forecast Event to be held at 6:30 pm in the BSE International Convention Hall, which would be featuring a power packed panel discussion on the economy and the outlook on the major asset classes. If you participate in the survey, you would be eligible for this wonderful event on a complimentary basis.

I would also request you to send this out to your colleagues/friends and encourage them to participate as well.

Biharilal Deora, CFA, FCA


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