CFA India Investment Conference 2014 – Summary Notes/Blog

The post event notes of India Investment Conference 2014 (IIC14) are ready and up Each of speaker sessions and the panel discussion has been covered separately. These include:

· The End of Quantitative Easing, the Outlook for Emerging Markets and the Rupee by Prof. Avinash Persaud. Kindly follow the link

· Corruption of Capitalism: Challenges to Sustainable Growth & Asset Allocations by Richard Duncan. Kindly follow the link

· Future of Finance: Key Issues Facing the Finance Industry by Frederic Lebel, CFA. Kindly follow the link

· A Changing Global Energy Landscape – Implications for India by Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki. Kindly follow the link

· Executive Panel Discussion – India Investment Outlook. Kindly follow the link

· The Inaugural Session by Paul Smith,CFA, Jayesh Gandhi, CFA and Dr.Vikram Kuriyan, CFA. Kindly follow the link

A comprehensive set of photographs could be viewed in the slide show in the note titled: IIC14 – The Road Ahead for India & Emerging Economies. Kindly follow the link

Please feel free to share the same with your colleagues, friends and relatives…


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