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On one side of the debate is a loud chorus of complaints that government bailouts have encouraged moral hazard, quantitative easing is creating large distortions throughout the entire economy, and that low rates are creating both credit and asset bubbles and preventing the underlying economy from healing. On the other side of the debate are adamant claims that government actions — and particularly those of the central banks — saved the world from another Great Depression, have stimulated the economy, and have supported job creation. Who’s right? Has central bank policy indeed saved the world? Or did it cause this mess in the first place? Or are we lost within a supercycle whose risks haven’t been fully born out yet? Is there a better way? At the very bottom of it all lies a fundamental question: Do central banks create or reduce system risk?

Weighing in on these vital questions is a blue-ribbon panel of experts assembled by CFA Institute for a panel discussion titled “Central Banks and Systemic Risk.” Our distinguished panelists include: Paul Brodsky; James Grant; David M. Jones; William Poole; and Jim Rickards. Join us here on the Enterprising Investor, 14–16 January 2014 for a moderated discussion as we explore the function and purpose of the global monetary system.

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