The Road Ahead for India and Emerging Economies

Only a few days left before the India Investment Conference! Don’t miss this event; registernow!

What to expect at the conference:

  • Over 300 industry practitioners are expected to attend; high-quality networking opportunity – interact with speakers and with your peers
  • Richard Duncan, chief economist of Singapore-based Blackhorse Asset Management, on the “Corruption of Capitalism; Challenges to Sustainable Growth and Asset Allocations”
  • Know the outlook of the rupee from Prof. Avinash Persaud of Intelligence Capital
  • Understand the dynamics of the changing global energy landscape from Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman of FGE
  • Find out India’s investment outlook from Samir Arora of Helios Capital, Jayesh Mehta of Bank of America, Abhay Laijawala of Deutsche Bank, and others

What do past participants have to say about the conference? Watch this video.

Share this flyer with your colleagues and friends. Special discount for group registration is available.

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai next week!


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