Passively Active: A Passage to India – Interesting Insight

Globally, over 6 billion U.S. dollars are invested in India Equity ETFs, although less than 200 million via products listed in India. It’s reasonable to suppose that Indian demand is reflected in the local figures, transferring wealth across Indian borders is both difficult and expensive. Thus, on the face of it, these figures suggest general indifference to passive investing within the Indian financial community, despite substantial passive interest in India from outside its borders.

The debate between proponents of passive and active investing has been raging for close to a century. And when it comes to India, the evidence favours the passive investor, much as it does in more-developed markets. But – in India as much as elsewhere – very few investors are limited to a single asset class. From the perspective of a multi-asset portfolio, the real picture is much more complicated, and potentially more rewarding.

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