India’s Importance Abroad: The Rise of the Indian Diaspora

One cannot consider India without thinking about the massive impact that its language and culture have had abroad. Many common English words — among them, “thug”, “shampoo”, and “pundit”— have their origins in languages from the subcontinent.

That’s not much to go on for an investing website though. Many things are culturally relevant, yet do not directly affect the evolution of value in business. This is different.

For one thing, consider the rise of India as an outsourcing hub. Why is it that India was particularly well suited for that activity? Beyond being suitable, why was it chosen?

Narrative is an excellent means to understand far-reaching topics of this nature, so for more depth we turn to Anita Raghavan, the author of The Billionaire’s Apprentice, a book which chronicles the rise of Rajat Gupta, formerly Managing Director of McKinsey, and Raj Rajaratnam, founder of The Galleon Group.

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