The End game of speculation in Indian Real Estate has begun – VALUENOMICS

Very interesting article

The favorable demographics, acute shortage of housing, easy credit condition and high velocity of illicit money in the economy over the last few years has made Real Estate (RE) as one of the most preferred investment in India. A decade of super turbo charged Bull Run has resulted in Real Estate emerging as one of the biggest consensus investment trades in our society. Real Estate has the highest allocation in the household portfolio. This consensus trade is also supported by multitude of other factors like high inflation, negative return in comparison to inflation by Fixed Deposits, chequered performance of equities, and the ease of investing illicit wealth in the Real Estate sector. The crescendo that Real Estate, as an asset class, will generate positive return under any economic condition has grown louder day by day. The discovery of this elixir by Land Baron’s has displaced industrialists and even erstwhile Maharajas, in most of the cities of India. Inadvertently, the “soaring property prices“ is the key to all the social conversation these days. This unprecedented wealth creation in such a short span of time is baffling and

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