India and the New Financial Order

In the wake of the global financial crisis, financial markets continue to be on a roller coaster. Financial innovation has been under attack, and the trust people placed in the ability of markets to allocate capital and risk has been seriously damaged. At the same time, India remains economically dynamic. With its vibrant democracy, strong traditions of private enterprise, and favorable demographics, the country is on the verge of becoming a significant global economic power.

The third CFA Institute NISM India Investment Conference will bring together a strong line-up of speakers to provide direction for all of us to navigate this new landscape. Offered in partnership with the Indian Association of Investment Professionals and the National Institute of Securities Markets, this event provides the rare chance to hear world-class experts give their insights on the global economy; learn about the latest developments in the practice of investment management; and discuss forward-looking investment strategies.

Key Speakers include Aswath Damodaron, Satyajit Das and Roger Urwin

For those who are keen can look at more info on

CFA 2013 India Conference Flyer_2012-1127.pdf


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