Long Live the Republic – Happy 60th Birthday

Happy Republic day India!!
Its been 60 long years and we are sure we all grew up reading a lot (or are growing up reading a lot) on how we went about changing as a country in these years. The transformation has been slow (to say the least) and we believe at an appropriate way. Think about it, we always think that we could have done what we acheived in as many years in half that time. Just look at China they seem to be getting everything right, they are working at twice the speed, executing projects at breakneck pace and they just transformed the country in less than 25 years from 1985 to today. We on the other hand haggle about petty things, seek mandates from all and sundry and lose precious time just for making it all inclusive development.

Over the long run, we believe, only time will tell which model is right and which one proved a little bit dangerous but the fact of the matter is; there is no right or wrong model. This game is a marathon and not a sprint and above all looks like in this game we are the tortiose and China the hare. And we all know that story by heart, don’t we?

There are a few point why we should be able to get an home run in this game. First, as a model we should be able to broadbase the pyramid more than China. That means that the people at the bottom of the pyramid (the destitutes, home less & landless labourers) should be able to move up gradually as a result of combination of public-private initiatives that seem to be taking root over the past 20 years. The evidence is more pronounced right in the middle of the pyramid; the class dubbed as the great Indian middle class.

Second, the ability of individuals and corporations to have a free hand; ability of freedom of rights; journalism and expression will over time take care of the sections that were hitherto neglected for decades. This process will gain speed and accelerate.

Lastly all of the above lends larger role for its people for participation in discussion, growth and enrighment of lifestyles.

Therefore is this model ultimately prove right at the end of this marathon. Prima facie seems so. But lets not get overboard on this. Sticking to basics, making the right calls in terms of educating the masses, allowing for proliferation of media and encouraging entrepreneureship are key to success over the long term.

So is India the next US? The answer to that question is whether the US is the role model. We think not. There are far greater vices hidden in the US system that seems apparent. They are increasingly becoming visible over the last 15 years. Do we therefore need to morph into such a system? Clear no.

Therefore, we believe that the next decade will come with its set of challenges and our ability to grab its more firmly that the 2000’s; take full advantage and move the next level in this marathon, which would be the key to our success. It is also important to ‘Do our own thing’; believe that we are doing the right thing and the world will sit up and take notice. This is already happening.

Until 2020, which can be looked as the next milestone; we think that we should see a newer India, an India which has come a long way ahead and becoming slowly, very slowly the role model for the rest of the world.

Until that time, however, lets get our head down and start off to do what we aimed at finishing long time ago. Let’s build a strong, resilient and wonderful India in the decade ahead.

Jai Hind.

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