After a long haitus!

Whao! what a decade it has been. Hello, where were we all this while, you might ask. We made a promise some time ago that we are value investors and would be out there to help you guys understand investing the simple way. Blah blah blah…..

We broke that promise. Were we plain lousy? Yes and maybe no. Why no? Well we needed to pause (for one long year?, we hear you grumble) and collect ourselves and re-check the world around us. We have learnt very very valuable lessons over the past 12 months or so.

These can be summarised into:

  • Look around you, pause to think and never ever take things for granted. Axes fell, people lost jobs (including our collegues); took paycuts and basically are happier than before (paradox?). Now that we have opened the can or worms, lets keep chatting over the next few years
  • Spend time with your family. Don’t ask why, just spend time with your spouse/girl friend/ kids (your own or your neighbours’). These are high quality things in life. And yes all this is free
  • Understand and appreciate the work people are doing around you. Including that of the tea vendor in the street corner, understand the business model very very deeply
  • This world seems like an unfair place. All the rich guys do look dumb. They probably are. Look within yourselves, you are far more happier than 90% of the people around you
  • THIS IS NOT PHILOSOPHY; you will understand ways to better investing if you just be more emphathetic to yourselves and other around you. Easier said than done.
  • Lastly, very basic understanding of things and application of discipline will give you an investment idea that was obvious but no one ever saw. Own that business. The key words here are ‘basic’ and ‘disclipine’

So we are back with the ranting. Some interesting stuff, some foolish ideas, some philosophy throw in and a trillion ton worth of enthusiasm. So u ready for the ‘Decade Next–>”

P.S: The enthusiasm bit above needed that scale, cause in today’s world even trillons aint enough 🙂

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